The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

– Saint Augustine

Welcome to First Outing where every journey is the first

So who are we? Travel enthusiasts? For sure. Geeks of the planet? Probably.  But this doesn’t define us. We believe we are much more than that. We are the worshipers of Travel.

The richness and the aroma has already engulfed you head-to-toe before you even think about it. We thought, why not make our lives worthy by spreading the religion of “Tourism” and making everyone on our planet relish. So here we are, ready to turn your travel plan into a unique beautiful experience.

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Our per 100 gm memory creation recipe

Light music, chirpy smiles make the sweet moments we cherish forever. Take it in with the mint fresh locations, we identify for you.
10 grams - Mint+Chocolate
Ever wondered what makes a hotel , a resort? Yup!  the palm trees. Every location we go, we bring to you the exotic locations verified by our agents to give you a soothing and comfortable stay.
20 grams - The Palm tree resort
Someone said, ” No one ever understood what the travel was until he put his head on his familiar pillow.” We take enough care to ensure that however long your sleep be, you will always remember those those travel moments.
30 grams - BMW Voyage
Its not only the food we are talking about. Our in-house chefs (read holiday planners) curate every recipe to provide you a distinctive yet wholesome holiday experience with just the right amount of stay and travel, all customized just for you.
25 grams - Wholesome Diet
The first 15 grams is what we claim to be our unique advantage. We bet on the prices for the services we offer! Match our prices with any other travel agency/tour operator for the experience we deliver and we pay you the difference amount, no questions asked! .. with love :) .
15 grams - No frills advantage

First Outing – Your ultimate travel partner!

We are regularly updating ourselves to make your next tour the best experience so far. Our team is following up every nook and corner to provide you things that matter the most.

Clean and green stay

Choice of volume up or down

Blogging space

Photogenic locations

24x7 customer care

Photographer available

Your holiday, your customization

Well researched travel plan

Comfortable journey in 2/4/6 wheeler

Fun activities for your besties

Book a plan with us ! 

We bet on our service !

Should you feel any discomfort and unexpected poor service, call us and we will refund all your bookings*! That’s the first outing insurance we provide !

*subject to already discussed deductions!